What Is It?

The Panther Sales Tournament (PST) is a sales competition hosted by the Global Sales Program at Florida International University (FIU) each fall semester. Under the umbrella of the Department of Marketing & Logistics, business and non-business majors can to further develop their sales skills outside the classroom. The sales competition consists of several rounds of…

Why Compete?

Why not? There is nothing to lose and all to gain! This is a chance to increase your self-confidence and step out of your comfort zone. Brand yourself and grow as a professional. Network privately with Fortune 500 companies and successful businesses and entrepreneurs and start building your future career. You may even land an internship…

How Can I Get Involved?

Your business has an opportunity to meet highly qualified and talented job candidates and future sales leaders. By participating in this event, you can brand your company and create campus awareness. You are also giving back to the community and influencing the next generation of sales leaders. It’s a small investment with a great return….

How Does It Work?

The tournament consists of three rounds, both in English and Spanish. Top performing students from each round advance to the next level of competition, each level progressively more complex and in-depth. The judging is done by sales executives, and business professionals, and entrepreneurs, many representing Global Sales Program sponsors and other supporters of the program….